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February 28, 2019
The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Professor Muhammad Ali Pate has expressed great concern over the challenges bedevilling the health sector in the country. He made the remark at the opening ceremony of the 13th Biennial Delegates Meeting and Scientific Conference of Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association held in Kano on Thursday. The...
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A healthy drink – milk, is the first food we consume when we are born. Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants during their first months of life. Children are encouraged to drink up their milk so that they can grow up big and strong. Do we, however, tend to stop drinking this nutritious...
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Basically, it takes an average of four to six hours for your stomach to digest food and even a longer time for food to move through the intestines and exit the body. While it is quite hard to speed up this process, it is quite easy to improve the whole digestion process. Here are five...
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